SphinxCon JP 2012 (2012/9/16)

We held the first Sphinx Conference withPyCon JP 2012in last September 16.

SphinxCon 2012 logo
Locatoin:Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT) (Room-452)


We held the first Sphinx Conference and succeeded!I want to say thanks to all attendees and all cooperators.

We had 7 sessions in SphinxCon, and slides and videos are inSessionssection.


図 50 Many attendees join our room standing up. A few people can't enter the room.


図 51 7 Speakers of the first SphinxCon!

from left; @r_rudi, @tk0miya, @shkumagai, @takanory, @shimizukawa, @usaturn, @hekyo

2012/9/16 (Sun) Time Table

Time Photo Speaker Title
15:15 - 15:40 (25min) tk0miya Takeshi Komiya (@tk0miya) Documentation with Sphinx
15:40 - 16:00 (20min) r_rudi Shirou (@r_rudi) Explore Sphinx Extensions
16:00 - 16:45 (45min)     Tea Break
16:45 - 17:10 (25min) shkumagai @shkumagai Sphinx HTML Theme Creation First Steps
17:10 - 17:35 (25min) shimizukawa Takayuki Shimizukawa (@shimizukawa) Writing a Book Using Sphinx
17:35 - 17:45 (10min)     short break
17:45 - 18:00 (15min) usaturn @usaturn How to use Sphinx
18:00 - 18:15 (15min) takanory Takanori Suzuki How to disperse Sphinx and reST
18:15 - 18:30 (15min) hekyo @hekyou docutils in sphinx

Thank you for every submitters.

Whole time-table of PyCon JP 2012 are here:Program - PyCon JP 2012


Documentation with Sphinx

Sphinx is a excellent documentation tool, do you want to write your document?Sphinx has been adopted in many manuals of OSS, the references. And Sphinx is beginning to be used in IT companies.We will introduce to you the charm of the Sphinx, which is said to become and want to write a document.

Date:Sep 16 15:15-15:40
Location:Room 452

Takeshi Komiya

Takeshi Komiya

TimeIntermedia inc. Sphinx-users.jp chairman. The author of blockdiag series.

I'm interested in the documentation tools. I have been developing tools and extensions of Sphinx and have been engaged in activities for Sphinx community.


Explore Sphinx Extensions

Extension is one of the charms of a wide variety of Sphinx. I'll introduce you some Sphinx extensions that was developed for a variety of purposes by many people. Sphinx is to meet a variety of needs.

Date:Sep 16 15:40-16:05
Location:Room 452

Shiro Wakayama

Shiro Wakayama

sphinx-jp, blockdiag and etc.

Video:(No Video)

Sphinx HTML Theme Creation First Steps

Sphinx built-in multiple HTML themes. The default theme can modify by some parameter and can change impression.I would like to introduce techniques of Sphinx theme customization while touching the basic structure of the HTML theme of Sphinx.

Date:Sep 16 16:45-17:10
Location:Room 452

Shoji Kumagai

Shoji Kumagai

The A inc. Testing Engineer


Writing a Book Using Sphinx

I will introduce the procedure and its benefits to automate the writing environment to leverage the Sphinx.

Date:Sep 16 17:10-17:35
Location:Room 452

Takayuki Shimizukawa

Takayuki Shimizukawa

BePROUD inc. Sphinx-users.jp vice chairman. PyCon JP 2012 vice chairman. 'Expert Python Programming' translator into Japanese. 'Python Professional Programming' writer.


How to use Sphinx

The presentation for people who have never used, but there is still interest in the Sphinx

Date:Sep 16 17:45-18:00
Location:Room 452

Goh Yamada

Goh Yamada

NetSupport inc.


How to disperse Sphinx and reST

The story about 8 team members never used Sphinx and reStructuredText other than myself become use it normally.

Date:Sep 16 18:00-18:15
Location:Room 452

Takanori Suzuki

Takanori Suzuki

PyCon JP 2011, 2012 staff.Plone study group.Python mini Hack-a-thon event owner.


docutils in sphinx

The flow of docutils to process reStructuredText.Overview of how to use the docutils.

Date:Sep 16 18:15-18:30
Location:Room 452



blockdiag, bookathon

Presentation:https://gist.github.com/3730720(Japanese only)